Reasons To Choose Eco-Friendly Flooring

Reasons To Choose Eco-Friendly Flooring

In the past, eco-friendly materials were synonymous with ugly, bland, and boring. It is because eco-friendly housing materials were mainly just recycled projects reminiscent of those done in grade school. Nowadays, eco-friendly materials are capable of beautiful designs and quality that can improve your house. Manufacturers are now skilled and able to create amazing things with eco-friendly and safe materials.

Eco friendly flooring is now the best option for your homes because it is safe and helpful to the environment. Regular industrial and traditional flooring uses too much natural waste and chemicals in its manufacturing. These types of flooring are harmful to the environment and your homes. Furthermore, the chemicals involved in the flooring can be dangerous to humans and can cause short to long-term health problems.

What Makes Flooring Eco-Friendly and Safe

Some factors determine whether the flooring is eco-friendly or not. The first and foremost requirement is that it should be renewable. Some resources on the planet are finite, and the rate we go through them is worrisome. Renewable resources are the better option to help our world. Next, they should be able to be recycled and used in the future. If the materials can be reused in the future, then this lessens the waste pollution plaguing the Earth. Lastly, they must be responsibly manufactured. No matter how “green” a material may be, it is worthless if manufactured in a harmful way to the environment. Factories and manufacturing plants account for a large portion of the Earth’s pollution, and they should not be supported when possible.

The main reason you should use eco-friendly flooring is that it is better for the environment. Eco-friendly material produces less waste because they are abundant and recyclable. Cork, a popular eco-friendly material used in flooring, regrows every eight to ten years on a cork tree. These trees live long lifespans, which means they can be harvested repeatedly without harming the environment. This example is just one of the many benefits of eco-friendly flooring.

The other major reason for eco-friendly flooring is that it is just flat-out safer and better for your home. This type of flooring has zero VOCs, which are found in common types of floorings such as carpets and vinyl. VOCs are released as the flooring ages, and these gasses can harm your health. Eco-friendly flooring has none of that and is better and safer in the long run.

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