Ultra High Net Worth Across The Globe

Ultra High Net Worth Across The Globe

Ever heard of Ultra High Net Worth individuals? This unique idea refers to individuals whose net worth has already surpassed $30 million, and ideally, that amount will only grow more with time.

The presence of UHNW individuals in a country usually is proof of a healthy market and booming business. So in this sense potential investors will care a lot about these numbers, even if they don’t reach the status themselves. This is why today we’ll explain the current situation of UHNW individuals in the world, as well as some key tips for any investor trying to make it big in this market.

A global look at Ultra High Net Worth individuals

As we mentioned above the presence of Ultra High Net Worth individuals tends to go hand in hand with wealth. More rich people means more job and investment opportunities in their businesses. It’s a simple correlation that a country and an individual can take advantage of if they play it smart. And due to all of the above, it should come as no surprise that the top country when it comes to the number of UNHW is the United States.

In the second place, but with less than half the amount we can find China. Something that once again checks out, as there’s no denying the appeal of China’s booming economy. Germany, the UK, and France occupy the next 3 spots. However the UK and France have less than 10% of UHNW individuals as the US, and Germany’s growth rate is decreasing.

So it’s all about the US and China right now, and while China’s growth has highly accelerated there’s still a large gap in place. Does this mean that only Americans can reach UHNW status? No, not even close. But it does mean that the money concentration is on American soil, and that’s something to take advantage of.

Maintaining wealth across time

Whether you are one of these elusive Ultra High Net Worth individuals or someone looking to get in the investment business; you’ll need an advisor. Advisor firms are key to maintaining wealth across time, and this can be more challenging than earning it in the first place.

A “lucky break” is enough for someone to win big. But the economical landscape is far too volatile for luck to maintain your growth for years. Everybody needs help from experts that can predict movements and patterns for years to come, and that’s a skill a lot of us don’t have on our own. So research and find a firm whose goals and objectives match yours, this is the first step for a long and successful career at investments.

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